New Visual Art Performance Biennial

Performa 13 is a biennial dedicated to commissioning, presenting and exploring new visual art performance across disciplines. The Polish Pavilion Without Walls will feature Akademia Ruchu (The Academy of Movement), an art collective established in 1973 and operating at the intersection of theater, performance, film, and fine art. For almost forty years Akademia Ruchu has engaged in insightful reflection on Communist and post-Communist Poland. Known as the "theater of behavior," the collective has presented hundreds of happenings, anonymous interventions in the public realm, theater performances, and political actions, all of which included spectators as part of the work. Founded and directed by Wojciech Krukowski, the group consists of artist members Janusz Baldyga, Jolanta Krukowska, Cezary Marczak, Jan Pieniazek, Zbigniew Olkiewicz, Jaroslaw Zwirblis, and Krzysztof Zwirblis. Partners are Performa, Martin E. Segal Theatre at the CUNY Graduate Center, Times Square Arts and the Polish Cultural Institute New York. There are various projects in various locations. See full schedule.
French artist Julie Béna, in collaboration with Adrien Vescovi, will use the entire interior of a French cultural center as a stage for a new, collaborative performance and site-specific installation entitled The Song of the Hands.
Flag NYC is an outdoor flag project involving 60 international artists, each making a statement with their own specially designed flags, which will be flown in various locations around the city during Performa. 35 of the 60 artists are Norwegian. Supported by The Royal Norwegian Consulate, New York, Office for Contemporary Art Norway and Arts Council Norway.